John Roeder, "Pulse Streams and Problems of Grouping and Metrical Dissonance in Bartók's 'With Drums and Pipes,'" Music Theory Online 7.1 (2001) << Sect. 2c Section 2d Sect. 2e >>
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[2] Analysis of Grouping and "Metrical Dissonance" (continued)

[2.8] Third Block (Example II.4) [click here for suggestions if the movie does not appear or play correctly]

Measures 30-37 are more clearly organized in retrospect than they seem at first, but characterizing its grouping and metrical dissonance does not capture this evolving organization very well. Since the material in m. 30 is unexpected and unfamiliar, a clear grouping structure emerges only after it begins to repeat in m. 32. The structure is as follows: both hands sequence a whole-note's worth of material down twice in pitch; then the sequence fragments. The group boundaries are made clear by the nearly canonic rhythms in the two streams, indicated by corresponding colors in Example II.4. Since the boundaries do not coincide, this block exhibits displacement dissonance, although, since the preceding block was also dissonant, the significance of this characterization is not clear.

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