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[2] Analysis of Grouping and "Metrical Dissonance" (continued)

[2.10] Fifth Block (Example II.6) [click here for suggestions if the movie does not appear or play correctly]

A change of loudness at m. 41 instigates the next block of material, which lasts through m. 47 and brings further, seemingly arbitrary changes to grouping and metrical dissonance. The right hand reiterates a durational motive, , that varies in contour and pitch but always places a contour accent on the first attack and a durational accent on the last attack. In mm. 41-42 the left hand echoes the right-hand material of the previous two measures, then sequences the last dotted-half-note of that material completely three times. Thus yet another grouping dissonance arises out of the different repeated group lengths in the hands--8 eighth notes in the right, and 6 in the left, as indicated by annotations on the score. The cluster in m. 48 aborts the presentation of another leg in the left-hand sequence.

[2.11] A quarter note later, a strongly accented octave in the right hand coincides with brief fragments in the left hand (Example II.7)

that recall both the just-aborted sequence, , and the right-hand materials in mm. 36-37, .

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