John Roeder, "Pulse Streams and Problems of Grouping and Metrical Dissonance in Bartók's 'With Drums and Pipes,'" Music Theory Online 7.1 (2001) << Sect. 2g Section 2h Sect. 2i >>
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[2] Analysis of Grouping and "Metrical Dissonance" (continued)

[2.13] Seventh Block (Example II.10) [click here for suggestions if the movie does not appear or play correctly]

In the eight measures from 56-63 the right hand groups clearly into whole-note-long segments by sequentially repeating the material of mm. 35-36 (see Example II.4). The left hand, however, presents groups that, despite their similar pitch-class series, vary considerably in length. The fragmentation of the right-hand motive and an alteration of the left-hand pattern lead to the final block we will consider.

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