John Roeder, "Pulse Streams and Problems of Grouping and Metrical Dissonance in Bartók's 'With Drums and Pipes,'" Music Theory Online 7.1 (2001) << Sect. 2h Section 2i Sect. 3 >>
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[2] Analysis of Grouping and "Metrical Dissonance" (continued)

[2.14] Eighth Block (Example II.11) [click here for suggestions if the movie does not appear or play correctly]

This passage presents four measures of a sustained D2 enclosed in register by alternating clusters. This design recalls mm. 20-21 (the first two measures of Example II.1) in its cadential effect. This similarity of formal function is reinforced by the fact that the material that follows in both cases (mm. 22-25 and mm. 68-71) can be heard as metrically consonant and consistent with the notated meter. Considering these parallelisms it is puzzling that mm. 64-67 do not exhibit the metrical regularity of mm. 20-21.

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