John Roeder, "Pulse Streams and Problems of Grouping and Metrical Dissonance in Bartók's 'With Drums and Pipes,'" Music Theory Online 7.1 (2001) << Sect. 5c Section 5d Sect. 6a >>
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[5] Pulse-stream Analysis (continued)

[5.13] The following example (V.3b) presents the same analysis, but omits the underlying piano music, so that the stream combination can be heard more readily.

(Example V.3b) [click here for suggestions if the movie does not appear or play correctly]

[5.14] The changes in the right-hand groups at the end of the second block are thus precisely designed to effect a smooth transition--despite the contrast of material--to the pulse-stream ensemble of the third block. At first, stream 6 evens out the irregularly accented right-hand groups into an evenly accented stream. Then a sense of order is restored at the downbeat of m. 31, where streams 7 and 3 coincide for the first time, and the original quarter-note stream 1 reemerges.

Click here to rehear Example V.3a

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