Volume 10, Number 2, June 2004
Copyright 2004 Society for Music Theory
Bret Aarden and Paul T. von Hippel
Rules for Chord Doubling (and Spacing): Which Ones Do We Need?


The data used in this study is included here for the use of any interested parties. The data is in Humdrum format (tab-delimited format with spine labels). The first two lines of data are shown here:

     **pc      **deg    **semits    **nf    **mode  **file                                         **line
     7 11 2 7  5 7 2 5  -14 2 5 22  7 11 2  0       haydn/bremner/quart/op1n0/stage1/op1n0-01.krn  327

These representations follow normal Humdrum conventions except as follows:

**nf PCs are separated by spaces, represented by numbers from 0-11 instead of 0-B, and are not bracketed by parentheses.
**mode major=0, minor=1
**file A relative path to the source file in the authors' copy of the Humdrum edition of the MuseData database. (This directory structure is unlikely to bear any resemblance to other copies of the MuseData database.)
**line The line number in the file where this sample was taken from. This number is unlikely to exactly match the original line in the MuseData file, because the sample was taken from the file after it was "assembled" with the Melisma harmonic analysis.

The data file can be downloaded here.

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Brent Yorgason, Managing Editor
Updated 03 June 2004