Example 1. Table of Contents

Diane Pecknold and Kristine M. McCusker

Why “Ladies Love Country Boys”: Gender, Class, and Economics in Contemporary Country Music
Jocelyn R. Neal

“Hey! If I Should Grab Ya”: “College Country” and the Ruralization of Urban Brazil
Alexander S. Dent

Act Naturally: Charley Pride, Autobiography, and the “Accidental Career”
Matthew D. Sutton

Holding On To Country: Musical Moorings for Desired Masculinities in Aboriginal Australia
Åse Ottosson

Taylor Swift’s “Pitch Problem” and the Place of Adolescent Girls in Country Music
Travis Stimeling

Gender and the Nashville Songwriter: Three Songs by Victoria Banks
Chris Wilson

As If They Were Going Places: Class and Gender Portrayals Through Country Music in the Texas State Prison, 1938-1944
Caroline Gnagy

Negotiating Gender, Race, and Class in Post-Civil Rights Country Music: How Linda Martell and Jeannie C. Riley Stormed the Plantation
Diane Pecknold

Remarkable Women and Ordinary Gals: Performance of Identity in Songs by Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton
Kate Heidemann

“Backwoods Barbie”: Dolly Parton’s Gender Performance
Leigh H. Edwards

Kitty Wells, Queen of Denial
Georgia Christgau

Gender Deviance and Class Rebellion in “Redneck Woman”
Nadine Hubbs