Musical Examples

Nathan Pell, Key Profiles in Bruckner’s Symphonic Expositions

Main Examples

Ex. 3: Bruckner VIII: Finale Opening | Ex. 4: Bass-Line Sketches | Ex. 5: Symphony VI: Adagio (Middleground) | Ex. 6: Symphony VI: Adagio (Foreground)


Symphony III: Finale | Symphony IV: Finale | Symphony V: Finale | Symphony VI: Finale | Symphony VII: Finale | Symphony VIII: Finale | Symphony VI: Adagio, Opening (Alternate Reading)

Symphony III: Finale

Figure A | Figures B–L | Figures M–O

Figured Bass Reduction of Second Theme: Chorale Element. The measure numbers correspond to the 1873 version. Those in bold mark beginnings of Bruckner’s periods, as indicated in the autograph of the 1877 revision, Wn. Mus. Hs. 19.475.

Measures 65–134: USSR Ministry of Culture Orchestra, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, 1984