Musical Examples

Nathan Pell, Key Profiles in Bruckner’s Symphonic Expositions

Main Examples

Ex. 3: Bruckner VIII: Finale Opening | Ex. 4: Bass-Line Sketches | Ex. 5: Symphony VI: Adagio (Middleground) | Ex. 6: Symphony VI: Adagio (Foreground)


Symphony III: Finale | Symphony IV: Finale | Symphony V: Finale | Symphony VI: Finale | Symphony VII: Finale | Symphony VIII: Finale | Symphony VI: Adagio, Opening (Alternate Reading)

Symphony VIII: Finale

Figure A | Figures B–E | Figures G–I | Figure J | Figures K–L

Figure A is a sketch of the second theme’s voice leading. Double bars indicate periodic divisions (mine, not Bruckner’s).

Measures 69–111: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Wilhelm Furtwängler, 1944