Musical Examples

Nathan Pell, Key Profiles in Bruckner’s Symphonic Expositions

Main Examples

Ex. 3: Bruckner VIII: Finale Opening | Ex. 4: Bass-Line Sketches | Ex. 5: Symphony VI: Adagio (Middleground) | Ex. 6: Symphony VI: Adagio (Foreground)

Example 6. Symphony VI: Adagio (Foreground)

mm. 1–41 | mm. 44–52 | mm. 52–93

In addition to the deep middleground motive A–Aflat–G (see Ex. 5), these graphs highlight the tetrachord motive (marked with a black asterisk) and the octave motive.

Measures 1–41: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Wilhelm Furtwängler, 1943


Symphony III: Finale | Symphony IV: Finale | Symphony V: Finale | Symphony VI: Finale | Symphony VII: Finale | Symphony VIII: Finale | Symphony VI: Adagio, Opening (Alternate Reading)