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Author Title Institution Completed
Bradley, Catherine A.
The Earliest Motets: Musical Borrowing and Re-UseUniversity of CambridgeMarch 2011
Carter-Enyi, Aaron
Contour Levels: An Abstraction of Pitch Space Based on African Tone SystemsOhio State UniversityApril 2016
Leaman, Kara Yoo
Analyzing Music and Dance: Balanchine’s Choreography to Tchaikovsky and the Choreomusical ScoreYale UniversityOctober 2016
Maxwell, Braden N.
Designated Qualities: A New Approach to the Music of Maurice RavelUniversity of Rochester: Eastman School of MusicNovember 2022
Posen, Thomas W
Analyzing Beethoven's Eroica Sketches: A Form-Functional Perspective on the First-Movement ExpositionMcGill UniversitySeptember 2022
Ross, Martin
Gesture in Steve Reich's Music and its Signification: A Referential Approach to His Process, Stylistic, and Postminimalist WorksUniversity of Western OntarioNovember 2022
Utne-Reitan, Bjørnar
Harmony in Conservatoire Education: A Study in the History of Music Theory in NorwayNorwegian Academy of MusicNovember 2022
Webber, Miriam B.
Analysis as Dialogue: Bakhtinian Theory and the Music of Dmitri ShostakovichUniversity of KansasApril 2021

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