Appendix A. Scores, alphabetical by composer, and response summary chart

L. van Beethoven, Piano Sonata, op. 57, I, measures 1–8

A. Caldara, “Sebben, crudele,” measures 1–10

F. J. Haydn, String Quartet op. 20, no. 5, II, measures 1–15

F. J. Haydn, String Quartet op. 33, no. 3, IV, measures 1–8

F. J. Haydn, String Quartet op. 50, no. 2, IV, measures 1–16

C. Monteverdi, Ritornello from L’Orfeo, measures 1–8

W.A. Mozart, String Quartet K.160, I, measures 1–8

Responses by excerpt and condition; “Division” indicates a duple division of the faster tactus;
“Hemiola– includes any tactus rate between the faster and slower tactus, and in any type of 3:2 relationship with either the faster or slower tactus;
Responses to the intended tactus are boldface throughout.