Figure 11. Vicentino’s enharmonic 8ve species appear in the highlighted cells of this table. The left-hand column shows the enharmonic 8ves that should have resulted, if Vicentino had followed his procedure from the other genera: the first three 8ves would be constructed as plagal structures, and the remaining four authentic. Aside from the sixth 8ve, which presents special difficulties of interpretation, the last four 8ves appear to be based on plagal analogies to the diatonic: for example, the G–g 8ve uses the third 4th below the fourth 5th, similar to an interpretation of the diatonic G–g 8ve as a G–c/c–g plagal structure rather than the expected G-d/d-g. Asterisks mark locations in the enharmonic 8ves where further modifications to the 8ve species have been made in L’Antica musica (see my note 42). Clefs are original.