Example XIV. Attributed to Graun, Apollo Amante di Dafne. Graun’s music is challenging. The final harmonies setting “O dispietata” in another eighteenth-century source (Berlin StPK, Am.B 222) with a providence through Kirnberger are unusual, with Graun calling for a simultaneity of an A, Csharp, Dsharp, and E. The Sulzer example adds a raised-third figure over the penultimate harmony.

But oh heavens! That it may never keep vigil? Your hands become leafy; green branches sprout from your limbs; and you, changed into a tree, disappoint. Oh piteous one!

Mà o cielo! che vegge mai? Frondose divengon le tue mani; dalle membra spuntano verdi rami; e in arbore cangiata tu mie voglie deludi o dispietata!