Example XXIII. Attributed to Graun, Demofonte, Act 1, scene 3. Kramer (1973, 31–2) suspects that this recitative was not composed by Graun and instead proposes that this scene was composed by Friedrich Agricola, modeled on Hasse’s 1748 setting of the libretto, for a 1774 revival of Graun’s 1746 opera.

Timante: Timante:
Confessarti…(che fo?) chiederti…(oh Dio! To confess to you…(what am I doing?) to ask you…(o God!
Che anguistia è questa!) il sacrifizio, o Padre, What anguish this is!) the sacrifice, o Father,
La Legge…la consorte… The law…my consort…
(Oh Legge! oh Sposa! oh sacrifizio! oh sorte!) (O law! wife! sacrifice! fate!)