Example 1. Diagram of Strata, Milieus and Territorialized styles of Baroque music performance

The crossing of performance parameters is indicative of the n-dimensional interactions of milieus, including other variables such as instrument, education, culture, history, personal habits, etc. The thickening and thinning of molar and molecular lines and lines of flight extract emergent stylistic territories, such as “Classical-modernist” or “Historically informed” (shown as red and blue shapes), as detailed in the rest of the article. The illustrated “ribbons” may meld into or flow through each-other as the various parameters shift through stylistic territories. There is no true circularity and there are no end points (see Exs. 2-3). The “sphere” is a graphical compromise to visualize the plane of immanence, of which this diagram shows only a frontal segment. Imagining the sphere spinning may reinforce the notion that the process is essentially temporal and manifold.