MTO Personnel for Volume 25 Number 3, September 2019

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Jeff Perry (Louisiana State University)
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Associate Editors
Jonathan Kochavi (Swarthmore College)
René Rusch (University of Michigan)
Bryn Hughes (University of Lethbridge)

Reviews Editors
Joti Rockwell (Pomona College)
Michael Callahan (Michigan State University)

Editorial Board
Matthew BaileyShea (Eastman School of Music) Janet Bourne (University of California Santa Barbara)
John Covach (Eastman School of Music) Johanna Frymoyer (New York University)
Michael Gallope (University of Minnesota) Benjamin Givan (Skidmore College)
Jonathan Guez (College of Wooster) Gretchen Horlacher (Indiana University)
Ed Klorman (McGill University) Joe Kraus (Florida State University)
Samuel Ng (University of Cincinnati) Mitchell Ohriner (University of Denver)
Brad Osborn (University of Kansas) Ramon Satyendra (University of Michigan)
Michael Tenzer (University of British Columbia) Naomi Waltham-Smith (University of Pennsylvania)
Jason Yust (Boston University)
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Managing Editor 
Brent Yorgason (Brigham Young University)

Senior Editoral Assistant
Michael McClimon (FastMail Pty Ltd)

Editorial Assistants
Sasha Drozzina (Louisiana State University) Andrew Eason (University of Oregon)
Rebecca Flore (University of Chicago) Chris Misa (University of Oregon)
Tahirih Motazedian (Vassar College) Sam Reenan (Eastman School of Music)

Updated November 04 2019