Example 29. Dissonant tonal voice leading (m7th resolution and parallel m7ths) in Monk’s tunes (a–b and d–f) alluded to by Babbitt (c). (The Monk transcriptions are adapted from Schuaerte 2007, Kay 2013, and Stern 2015.)

a. ‘Round Midnight motto, played by Monk on June 7, 1954

b. ‘Round Midnight chromatic sequence

c1. Babbitt’s Gloss, mm. 33–34, played by Emanuele Arciuli

c2. Babbitt’s Gloss, mm. 33–34 with fore- and after-context

d. ‘Round Midnight mm. 5–8, played by Monk on June 7, 1954

e. Monk’s Ask Me Now, excerpt

f. Monk’s Skippy, excerpt