Example 10. Various tuning schemes used in the ten recordings of Rebonds A. As can be seen, the two highest pitches in each scheme are typically quite close to one another; this is due to the narrow tuning range that bongo drums afford. By contrast, the pitch variance among the lower five drums is emblematic of the wide pitch range that tom toms and bass drums can occupy. In certain cases, the tuning scheme strongly suggests the use of drums of certain diameters or types. The fact that Johannes Fischer’s and Kuniko Kato’s schemes include more than two drums tuned higher than C4 suggests they are using at least one tumba (a large type of conga drum) in place of a tom tom. Pedro Carneiro’s two tom toms at G3 and A3 are likely sized at 10” diameter or smaller, in order to achieve those higher pitches. Roland Auzet’s tom toms are all likely large: 13” diameter or larger, in order to achieve those lower pitches.