Example 13. Timing profiles for the first delta thickening passage in “Woloso 1”. The range for minimum and maximum values of sounded notes is given in black, and the mean values are given in orange. In the unthickened passage (left), γ1 has a minimum value (min) of 21.2%, a maximum value (max) of 25.0%, and a mean value (mean) of 23.0%. In the thickened passage (right), γ1 has a min of 21.1%, a max of 28.9%, and a mean of 25.3%. In the unthickened passage, β1 has a min of 57.3%, a max of 62.0%, and a mean of 59.5%. In the thickened passage, β1 has a min of 52.8%, a max of 56.7%, and a mean of 54.5%. The thickened δ1 has a min of 69.7%, a max of 72.6%, and a mean of 71.2%.