Video Example 4. Moving graphic with audio representing pulsation positions during maturation from Mode 1 through Neutral and into Mode 2 in a performance of Dansa. The ranges between minimum and maximum values of sounded notes are given in black, and the mean values are given in orange. Here, β1 moves later in its range from an initial mean of 60.4% to 57.8% as γ1 is omitted. After pulsation downgrading occurs, the new β2 moves from a mean of 50% to 46.6%. In the downgraded frame γ2 stays relatively consistent as β2 moves, with a mean moving from 79.2% to 78.2%. Following pulsation downgrading, the position of δ2 changes from a mean of 28.7% to 24.5% as the pulsation cycle stabilizes into a front-heavy four.