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Author: Jardim, Antonio

Title: Music: another density of real - to a philosophy of a substantive language

Institution: Conservatorio Brasileiro de Musica

Begun: March 1987

Completed: March 1988


The propose of this work is: In the first place, to show that music is a product of social life as other products. In the second place, to raise a series of characterizations showing that music is a language with a determinate degree of speciality, that become a substantive one. In the third place, to show through analysis and the exposition of a series of concepts that the instituitions of musical teaching as they neither see music as a product of social life nor as a substantive language, they play the part of reproducer instead of producer. Besides, it's a propose in this work to discuss in a philosophical degree a series of concepts and then to approach the music and the musical teaching in a philosophical conception.

Keywords: Music, philosophy, education, economy, knowing, production


I. A aspect: The Musical Production
The music and your productio process
The music's evolution
The music in the age industrial capitalist
The capitalist way of production and musical's production
The musical's production
Process of production and work's process in music
The musical work's process
The musical work's object
Musical work's Instruments
The musical work's force
The musical production's relations
The artesanal production
The manufactural production
The industrial production
The re-producion process
The productive forces
The consume's relations
The structure of musical production's process
The infra-structure and the super-structure

II. Another aspect: The Musical Language
The pseudo-concreticity
A qiestion of fundamentation
The knowledgement
The knowing's forms
The organic knowing
The mithic knowing
The philosophic knowing
The knowing: doxa, myth and philosophy
The theory and the practice
The music and the knowing's forms
The music how language
Music and doxa
Myth and music
Philosophy and music
The music's language
The hearings
The question of system
The hearing's points
The formation of hearing's points

III. A third aspect: The Music's School
The scool: a complex organization
The school
A truth
Another truth
Organization and truth
The process of "production" of the school
Education: domination or knowing?
Education: theory or practice?
Education: actualization or search of principles
The music school
The music school and the musical language
Music school: theory or practice?
The teaching and the representation's forms
Knowing: learning and teaching
Music school and production
Music school and hearing's point
The music school how a introductory process to music
Education and reproduction
Music school: truth and reproduction




Antonio Jardim
Rua Sao Luis Gonzaga 445/601
Sao Cristovao - CEP 20 910-061
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
e-mail: ajardim@openlink.com.br

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