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Author: Antonio Jardim

Title: Music: vigency of poetical thinking

Institution: UFRJ Doctor in Poetics

Begun: March 1991

Completed: December 1997


This work deals with music and its poetical dimension.

At the beginning, one considers the technics and its hegemony on the Occidental Culture. In succession, the concepts of Aesthetics, History and Analysis are treated as prescription ways. Possibilities of musical understanding are showed other than the understanding about music from a technical discourse. This is presented as insufficient to consider the musical questions.

The memory is considered in its originative relationship with the music, and then the work proposes itself to recuperate the presence of the memory and of the memorable as prime constituents of the musical sense.

It follows a discussion concerning music in the range of the thinking, understanding music as a privileged way of the poetical thinking.

In the end, the question of the poetical thinking is treated, precisely said, in its relation with the etymological structure of the greek term filosofiva (Philosophy). In this one, it's showed another possibility of articulation that reveals music as strength of the presence from poetical thinking.

Keywords: Music
West Culture


Regreaqts III
Poem IX
Dedications X
Sinopsis XI
Sumary XII
Epigraph XIV
Introduction 1
Chapter I 24
The technics ways 24
1 - The technics - a way of understand 24
1.1 A frist discussion about dimention 25
1.2 The hegemonic dimention 29
1.3 A way of understand dimention 31
1.4 The medition 32
1.5 From unity to identity 40
1.6 From medition to con-formation of representation 64
1.7 The medition, the identity and the representation of truth 78
1.8 The truth while phainomenon 80
1.9 The question about diference 84
1.10 The truth while harmony 85
1.11 Harmony and memory 87
1.12 The di-mention of concret 89
1.13 Truth while seems 93
1.14 The technics and the production 95
Chapoter II 99
The ways of prescription 99
1. The aestethics 100
2. The history 114
2.1 The aedo and the historiator 122
2.2 Aedo, muscian and historiator 127
2.3 History and technics 130
3. The analisys 134
3.1 analisys while way of access to work 137
3.2 Analisys and tecnics 142
3.3 Analisys and music 144
Chapter III 147
The ways of memory 147
1. About memory 151
2. The home of man 157
3. Memory, forget and truth 159
4. Time and memory 161
5. Muses and memory 166
6. Muses and world 170
7. Muses and music 176
8. To speek music 183
9. To speek muses 188
10. The muse of muses 191
11. The memory of memories 193
Chapter IV 198
The ways of thinking 198
Chapter V 238
The ways of a poetic of thinking 238
Conclusion 260
The dis-agree of final punct into per-cursive of ways 260
Bibliograph 284
Remissuve sumary 296
Anexo I 301
Greek Alphabet 301
Abstract 302


Antonio JardimRua Barão de Itapagipe, 445 apto. 1603 Bloco B1
CEP 20261-005 - Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
5521 88736765

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