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Author: Serebrennikov, Maxim

Title: The Keyboard Thorough-bass Fugue of the Baroque Era

Institution: The State Institute of Art Studies, Moscow

Begun: December 2006

Completed: October 2013


The purpose of this study is to examine a long-forgotten, but very popular and fascinating keyboard genre of the first half of the 18th century — \"partimento\"-fugue or thorough-bass fugue.
See: http://www.openthesis.org/documents/Keyboard-Thoroughbass-Fugue-Baroque-Era-601665.html

Keywords: thorough-bass, figured bass, \"partimento\", fugue, counterpoint, improvisation, keyboard music


Table of Contents

Volume I: Text

Notes to the text ... p.4
Notes to the musical examples ... p.4

Introduction ... p.5

Chapter 1. The thorough-bass fugue: historical issues
1.1. Of the history of existence ... p.16
1.2. The primary sources ... p.31
1.3. Of the history of studying ... p.93

Chapter 2. The thorough-bass fugue: theoretical issues
2.1. The forms of embodiment ... p.108
2.2. Interaction between the polyphonic and harmonic principles ... p.123
2.3. Thematic work ... p.146
2.4. \"Partimento\"-fugue or thorough-bass fugue? On terminology ... p.166

Chapter 3. From reading signatures to fugue improvisation
3.1. The thorough-bass fugue in the context of the historically informed movement ... p.178
3.2. On mastering of signatures ... p.179
3.3. On the chord texture elaboration ... p.189
3.4. Training in thorough-bass: the school of J. S. Bach ... p.200
3.5. On fugue improvisation ... p.206

Chapter 4. The thorough-bass fugue: the issues of realization
4.1. On the way to authentic realization ... p.230
4.2. Of practice of the baroque masters ... p.232
4.3. Of experience of the modern musicians ... p.236

Conclusion ... p.253

Appendix 1. Lexical entries on \"partimento\" in the 19th century editions ... p.260
List of illustrations, musical examples, tables and schemes ... p.263
List of samples of the thorough-bass fugue ... p.271
List of sources and literature ... p.274
Index of names ... p.303

Volume II: Score supplement ... p.1-66



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