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Author: Konstantinou, Elena

Title: Nikos Skalkottas: The Piano Music

Institution: University of Reading, Reading, U.K.

Begun: October 1998

Completed: October 2001


My research is concerned with the keyboard music of Nikos Skalkottas. Most of it is unpublished and unperformed, and I propose to assess it with the assistance of supporting analytical methods, addressing the primary sources. Problems to be examined include those surrounding the validity of the texts of the composer currently available and the general appraisal of these in the context of the output of Skalkottas, and his contribution to twentieth-century compositional technique, especially in relation to the structural ideals of his teacher, Schoenberg. Significantly, Skalkottas' idiosyncratic use of serial and developmental techniques is of great interest, particularly viewed in conjunction with the elaborate aesthetic, as opposed to purely technical, concepts with which the majority of Skalkottas' writing is concerned.

Keywords: Skalkottas, keyboard music, analytical, primary sources, serial, structural, developmental techniques, Schoenberg, aesthetic concepts, writings.


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