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Author: Quaglia, Bruce, W.

Title: Compositional Practice and Analytic Technique; Schoenberg’s Atonal Works: Reconciling Approaches to Sets, Lines and Developing Variation

Institution: University of Utah

Begun: September 1997

Completed: October 1998


This thesis examines the application of linear reductive analytic techniques as applied to pieces from Arnold Schoenberg’s atonal period. Basic nomenclature and concepts from pitch-class set theory are invoked as well. Analyses of Schoenberg’s Op. 11 no. 1 and Op. 15 song X are presented within the context of Schoenberg’s own compositional theories as suggested by his pedagogical and critical writings. A brief discussion of the relevant theoretical and analytical literature is also presented in order to place the present analyses within the relevant context.

The remaining dissertation requirement is an original composition: "In A Mirror Dimly" for Soprano, Violin, Picc./Alto Flute, Percussion and Computer Synthesized Tape.

Keywords: Schoenberg, Forte, Developing Variation, 20th C. Analysis, Linear Analysis, Set Theory


Bruce Quaglia
c/o Dept. of Music
204 Gardner Hall
University of Utah
SLC, UT 84

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